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Saddleback Extra Large Briefcase

This Saddleback Briefcase is a large case that will fit all of your leather needs, it is fabricated of leather and with dark coffee brown patina. It is fabricated from a materials and is completed with a star-shaped handle, this Saddleback case is a sterling surrogate to store all of your leather items.

Best Saddleback Extra Large Briefcase

The Saddleback extra large Briefcase is a beautiful, patina-marked leather case that is best-in-the-class for your storage needs! Item is complete and presenting an extra-large Briefcase - xl in tobacco-gorgeous patina, the Saddleback old generation 2-rivet suede lined Briefcase is a brand new, and rare briefcase! It is a two-rear fabric Saddleback design with a tight-fitting bagginess that is dandy for carrying important office supplies. The Briefcase is topped with a two-tone brown and brown leather capri sunburst design, it is valuable for storing all your paperwork and providing a nice, modern look to your home office. This Saddleback leather Briefcase is an unrivaled addition to your next home or office project, with its large, working briefcase, you'll be able to store all of your materials and work quickly and easily. The dark coffee brown patina on the leather makes it look and feel better value, and the straps and straps of this Briefcase make it as though it was made for transport, the beautiful patina is from the talented team at the one stop shop and makes for a beautiful addition to your home or office. Whether you're wanting to store your files or work on the go, this Briefcase will keep you organized and protected.