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Rubbermaid 2047052 Deck Box Extra Large Sandstone

This is a large Deck Box from Rubbermaid that is weather resistant and will last long in the sun, it grants two compartments for items like tools, gardening tools, and more. The Box is furthermore made of plastic and basic to clean, this is a first-rate way for a small home or office.

Rubbermaid 2047052 Deck Box Extra Large Sandstone Amazon

This Rubbermaid 2047052 Deck Box is a large, weather resistant outdoor garden storage box, it is extra large and is manufactured of Sandstone for durability. It grants a panel on the bottom to keep food from falling off, and a top to keep the Box closed, it is again made of plastic for strength and durability. It is extra large, top-of-the-line for a large garden or pet garden, it extends a bottom for keeping food cold and a top for turning the Box into a control room. It is moreover mdf for strong construction, it is good for a lot of storage and it with a self-adhesive filter is very basic to take off. It is moreover made to be water resistant, this Rubbermaid Deck Box is a top-of-the-line way for folks who wish for a weather resistant outdoor garden storage Deck box. It is extra large, making it good for larger plants and trees, it is conjointly made from Sandstone weather resistant material, making it durable and long lasting. This Deck Box is available in a way of colors, such as green, black, and brown.