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Extra Large Wooden Letters

Extra large Wooden Letters are unequaled solution for small to large businesses out there! They look and feel like real names, and are terrific for acronyms and other unique names on your page, they can also be used as a main logo or letter opener if need be.

Extra Large Letters

Extra large Letters are exceptional for personalised promotions or name-of-the-day messages, made from high quality mdf, these large extra large Letters are approximately 280 mm wide and have hand made names and signs. We make Wooden Letters that are unequaled for any occasion, from birthdays to these Letters will make your walls happy and your name famous. These extra large Wooden Letters are peerless for walls! They are large and with a higher level of durability and long-term use, they can last for a long time with proper care, being made out of high-quality wood. If you're searching for an extra large letter to help station your décor, Wooden Letters large is a peerless choice! This is a personalised Wooden letter plaque sign with personalised wood script name and Letters mdf, it is prime for any memorial or neglected letter.