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Extra Large Trunk

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Extra Large Trunks

Our extra large trunks are made from a medium-sized fabric, they are extra large in length and have a low rise. The fabric is calvin klein air fx tech - mens low rise Trunk underwear red xl extra large, this extra large Trunk storage set comes with 3 sets of cotton stretch calvin klein ck boxer briefs in different sizes. It also includes a Trunk bag for carrying around your wardrobe, extra large trunk. These boxers have a large, but not large, body, they are stretch size 2 xl and are in cotton stretch. They are from the package with trunks and shorts, the trunks are in size 6-8, the shorts are in size 10-12. They are in the trunks with the shorts, and the shoe is in the shorts, this extra large Trunk is a valuable swimwear for granted men who need a little more width in their swimwear options. The Trunk is fabricated to suit a little larger than other types of swimwear because it is manufactured to cover more skin on the body, with its wide trunk, granted men can still be comfortable and effective at the water's surface.