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Extra Large Small Animal Cages

This extra large pet cage is a top solution for Small Animal cages, it is large enough to handle the weight of your pet, but Small enough to be concealable and quick to clean. This cage gives a hardwood flooring that provides years of use, the Cages have a self-closing gate, so you can be sure of their safety. This is a splendid way for businesses or pet-owners who itch for the peace of mind of knowing their pet is safe and sound.

Extra Large Animal Cage

This is an extra large Animal cage, it is manufactured to tailor two ferrets and chinchillas. It is produced of heavy-duty plastic and grants a large unit for an animal, it is about 1 foot tall and extends a foot pad for peace of mind. This cage is sure to provide a safe place for your Animal to feel comfortable, this is an extra large Small Animal Cages kit that will fit most pet cages. The kit includes a large rabbit, a house guinea pig, and a new environment for your pet, this is a sensational kit for larger pet cages! This extra large pet cage is a practical solution for larger animals who need to make a change from their traditional pet cage. This cage presents a large size that will fit all of your smaller animals while also providing a comfortable environment for your larger animals, the large size is conjointly uncomplicated to clean and is enticing for larger animals who are searching to move on from their pet cage. The Cages are 687 large and have a large rat and a large mouse coz, this is an enticing surrogate for the business or home.