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Extra Large Shaker Bottle

Extra large Shaker Bottle for blending! It has an 45-ounce capacity and a blue handle, this one is a grey color and will make your blending experience even more enjoyable.

Extra Large Shaker Bottle Amazon

This extra large Shaker Bottle is perfect for next-day oil or other it's also a great value, the standard is cup or about 45-ounce. It is available in grey blue and is about 1-1/2" tall with a base that is 4-ounce, there is a winged dished spoon and it comes with a brown paper bag. The extra large Shaker Bottle is an 45-oz, Bottle that features a high-quality black plastic design. It this black plastic design that makes the Bottle so lightweight, making it a great choice for on-the-go drinks, additionally, the large size allows you to make a wide variety of drinks. The 11 oz volume means that it can handle a lot of force from your hands, making it perfect for use in baking or baking soda solutions, the large size also means that it's easy to store and control. The extra large Shaker Bottle is a great choice for those who are looking for a blender that can hold an 45-oz, of water or more. The Bottle is black and is extremely large, making it perfect for products, this Bottle is available and black and is perfect for on-the-go drinks.