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Extra Large Rattan Tray

This extra large Rattan Tray is unequaled for your child's lunchtime spread, the Tray gives beautiful blue enamelware floristry and is first-class for selling on the market. The Tray offers a metallics and black Rattan design that will make your child feel special and.

Cheap Extra Large Rattan Tray

This handwoven eco-friendly storage Tray is splendid for keeping bread, food and fruit in while you wait in your favorite position, the wooden handle also makes it effortless to move the Tray around without having to worry about getting it dirty. This extra large Rattan Tray is top-quality for holding food or bread, the ornate wooden handle is wicker baskets a first-class fit for the basket style bread rack. The Tray as large as it gets, with a maximum capacity of 3 cups, the round shape means that it can easily hold 3 cups of food or bread. The trays are made of durable wooden wicker, and they are splendid fit for either eastern or western-style baskets, this unique hand-woven Rattan Tray is a beneficial addition to your kitchen. It provides two large Rattan circles that can easily hold a cup, teaspoon, or tablespoon, the hand-wewn storage tool means that this Tray is durable and can take some damage, yet still looks motivic. The sleek design is enticing for your kitchen, it is produced from handwoven furniture, and is it is meant to store food, bread, and other belongings. The handle is round, and the Tray is wicker, it is also are available in a variety of colors and sizes.