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Extra Large Plant Dolly

The Dolly is a huge success! We had a first-class response from our potential customers, now they want to buy one for their home. The large size makes it facile to move large plants around your house.

Extra Large Plant Dolly Amazon

The extra large Plant Dolly is a top-rated addition to each dollhouse, with a width of 4094 gn, it is terrific for adding personality to your miniature and making it easier to move and store your plants. The product comes with 8 pot pieces, 3 roots, and design, this Dolly is large size and features a fresh scouring Plant field. The toy is in extra large size and is a best-in-class size for holding any large plants, the ageing resin makes this is an exceptional item for a larger or updated dollhouse and it can be created in a matter of minutes with the use of common household supplies. The extra large Plant Dolly is a replica of an 112 th scale Plant Dolly that can be used in a miniature game or as a part of a strategical environment for your plants, this Dolly can hold up to 40 pots and is packed with features to make using it a basic and fun experience.