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Extra Large Insulated Ice Bucket With Lid

This vintage mid-century modern insulated ice bucket with lid is perfect for freezing food. It is red and white with a grosgrain ribbonotton band.

Extra Large Ice Bucket With Lid

Are you looking for a large, sturdy ice bucket that can hold a lot of ice? if so, then you may be looking at the extra large ice bucket by norma. This bucket is made from high-quality materials and is sure to make your ice storage venture a lot easier. get in there and have a great day!

Extra Large Ice Bucket

This vintage mid-century modern ice bucket is a great value! It is tall and is made of white hard plastic. It is over 6 inches in diameter and it is extra large. It is perfect for serving ice cream or hot chocolate. It is alsoetactable for holding more ice cream or hot chocolate. this vintage mid-century modern insulated bucket has a red, white, and blue design and is tall and large. It has a spacious interior and is topped with a lidded bucket top. The arms have a degrees of freedom feature and the lidded top provides added stability for heavy rain. This ice bucket is perfect for keeping rain water from falling through the cracks. this vintage mid-century modern extra large insulated ice bucket with lid is a perfect addition to your kitchen. The large size of this bucket makes it perfect for larger projects or for storing food. The briard red and white color combination is sure to give your kitchen a modern flair. It is a large bucket and can hold a lot of ice. It is made from an insulated materials and has a large lid to keep the ice from spilling.