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Extra Large Ice Cube Tray

Extra large Ice Cube Tray is perfect for keeping your Ice cubes waiting, the stackable design makes it easy to move around. The blue color will match any room in your home, this Tray is also for easy storage.

Extra Large Ice Cubes

This is a huge, silicone Tray that provides plenty of Ice for up to 20 people, it's large size and easy-to-use process make it the perfect choice for any event. Extra large Ice trays are perfect for smallish Ice houses or cool places where space is an issue, they are also great for keeping Ice cold for longer periods of time. There are several different types available, but this one is specific to the joie trays- covered and stackable, the extra large Ice Cube maker set includes a chillum and Ice tray. This set can make well-thawed Ice on any countertop, and it comes with enough cubes to make a full course meal, it's the perfect size for making favorites like chili or soup, or serving a large salad. The joie extra large Ice Cube Tray is a great way to keep your Ice cold while you're out there enjoying the weather, this Tray is also stackable for easy organization. The Tray has a variety of colors and designs to make your Ice buffet look unique, plus, the covered design means that you can keep your Tray cold in even the hottest weather.