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Extra Large Gift Bags For Bridal Shower

Our Gift Bags are perfect For your next birthday party, they are 6 x more stylish and functional than traditional Gift bags, and they'll make your guests feel special just For being in the presence of you. Bags are made of durable and stylish materials.

Extra Large Pillow Gift Boxes

Extra large pillow Gift boxes can make the perfect Gift baskets! These heat-resistant shrink wrap Bags can hold 32 x40 inches, making a total of 40 inches potential For the packaging, the clear pvc makes it easy to see the size and looks like a part of the fabric of the Gift basket. Extra large Gift Bags For Bridal Shower baskets will fit For everyone in your family! With a clear pvc heat new design, these Bags will make giving away gifts a breeze, the Bags can hold 32 x40 inches of fabric and are made of clear pvc. They are perfect For giving Gift baskets or budgets can be trimmed quickly and easily, larger than the average Gift bag, these goodie Bags are perfect For the evolve Bridal shower. With 6 compartments and a large, deep pocket, these Bags will store all the little goodies For your guests, the pink design is easy For your guests to understand and the extra large size will last For a while.