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Extra Large Framed Chalkboard

If you're looking for a large magneticboard chalkboard to display your products or products stock, then look no further! This extra large framed chalkboard is perfect for this purpose. Made with magnetictechnology it can be easily took down and placed in any location you want. Whether you're looking to use it as a chalkboard solely, or as a chalet board for storage, this board is perfect!

Extra Large Framed Chalkboard Amazon

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Cheap Extra Large Framed Chalkboard

This is a great value for a largeboard and will be a beautiful chalkboard sign. The a-frame construction means that it can stand up to many cracks and injuries, while the extra large size will be large enough to handle the400 free standing boards. The board easel is easy to put on and off of, making it a quick and easy process. The red and green paint for the board make it easy to see in person or digital form, and the prospered graphics make it a great choice for businesses or schools. this extra large framed chalkboard is perfect for your event or workshop! The magnetic system ensures a stable positioning for your sign, and the chalkboard is easy to clean with a dry cloth or soap. The blackboard easel is also a great choice for displaying your messages or successes from your workshop. this extra large framed chalkboard sign is perfect for your next party or event! With two side rustic magnetic a-frame chalk boards, you'll have a perfect message for your audience to see. The extra large size ensures that your sign will fit comfortably in any space. The 40x20-inch size is perfect for any sign n' sign up attendees! this xl extra large framed chalkboard is a double-sided sidewalk sign that will flashed with a led flasher to indicate that it is a meeting time and to identify the member of staff. It is a great addition to any room or school building.