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Extra Large Family Bible

This is a rare, original and large-format Family bible! It is a beautiful, un-used Bible pages like new! It is from the early 20 th century and grants been in the Family for many years, this Bible is a fantastic addition to your Family history and for your ed-commerce needs.

Best Extra Large Family Bible

This large, full-page, red-letter edition of the catholic Bible is first-class for any large Family gathering, it features a large, large, all-star edition, which contains 25 pages of Bible stories and exercises for the family. This large Family Bible is again outstanding for during prayer and service, it is comfortable to read and stylish enough to keep in any room of the home. Extra large Family sizes are always a part of the Bible fan club, this extra large Family size holy Bible is no different. However, the catholic edition renders 8 times the pages of a common Family size, that means this Bible is for the larger family. This Bible is unrivalled for larger families that want to remember their loved ones' memories and want to keep their life's memories with them, are you wanting for a large Bible book? Search no more than theauthor's extra large Family Bible series. These books are sure to be a success with anyone's family, the autographed copy of the extra large Family Bible series will be protection and will ensure that is one of the first items on the family's shelf. The extra large Family Bible is an exceptional size for large Family gatherings, it is grain and is premium leather with a new in box cover. This Bible is first-rate for any religious congregation.