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Extra Large Disposable Gloves

Extra large Disposable Gloves are sterling solution for busy shoppers who covet to avoid the hassle and of buying and maintaining their own gloves, these Gloves come in three different colors that can meet the needs of any user. The hands are free from bacteria and allergies, so users can focus on their shopping and not have any negative effects.

200 Count - Green Nitrile Gloves, Non-Latex - Small/Medium/Large/XLarge

200 Count - Green Nitrile

By Sempermed


1000pcs Vinyl Disposable Gloves Powder Free (Latex Nitrile Free) SunnyCare 🔥 XL

1000pcs Vinyl Disposable Gloves Powder

By SunnyCare Vinyl Gloves


Nitrile Gloves BLACK HEAVY-DUTY {S M L XL} Powder free Latex free

Nitrile Gloves BLACK HEAVY-DUTY {S

By Ambitex, Uline


1000/cs GLOVEWORKS HD 6 Mil GWBN Latex Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves - Black

1000/cs GLOVEWORKS HD 6 Mil



GLOVEWORKS Heavy Duty Ivory Latex Industrial Disposable Gloves 8 Mil Powder Free

Black Nitrile Gloves Extra Large

For use in the industrial and commercial setting, these Gloves are made of black Disposable nitrile Gloves with an 5 mil latex texture. They are also self adhesive and stick to your hands without any special efforts, they are also white lab Gloves that you can use in the office. Extra large nitrile Gloves are designed for commercial use, they are up to 1000 pcs in size and feature an 4-5 th thick layer of free-anding technology. These Gloves are practical for handling dangerous materials and are heavy-duty powder-free technology, the Gloves are also up to 5 times more sturdy than traditional nitrile gloves. Extra large nitrile Gloves are top-rated substitute for folks with deep-set eyes or those who require complete freedom from any sweat factor, they are also free from any depended on the environment like harsh chemicals, so you can stay dry and comfortable. These Gloves also come with our micco2's diamond grip powder free tear free action, the extra large nitrile Gloves for business are first-class for in a clean room or during work. They are made with gloveworks's hd 6 latex free nitrile Disposable Gloves - black and feature a large, burly design that will keep any work area clean and healthy.