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Extra Large Cupcake Liners

Extra large Cupcake liners! These norpro muffin cups are 3, 75 inches in diameter and feature a white pack of 48 3600 cups. They're peerless for serving cupcakes or cake, and are made of durable plastic for lasting use.

Paper Cupcake Liners/baking Cups, 30-ct/box, О...
Paper Cupcake Liners/baking Cups,

Extra Large Baking Cups

Extra large baking cups are first-class for larger projects, these norpro 48-count giant white baking cups will make your baking process easier and more efficient. Plus, they're made of durable material that will last long, extra large muffin cups are first-class for serving cupcakes. They are sturdy and well-made, and they fit most Cupcake recipes easily, the black Liners in the white jumbo Cupcake muffin baking cup are outstanding addition, making these cups incredibly versatile. They can be used for many Cupcake recipes, from basic chocolate cake to more complex and rich flavors, extra large Cupcake Liners are practical size for large cupcakes. They're made of high-quality material and will not favorite your counter like some other types, plus, they will keep your cupcakes scouring beautiful for extended time. Extra large Cupcake Liners norpro giant muffin cups, these 48 Cupcake Liners are large enough to suit a dead head or a healthy child. They're also made of durable materials that will last long in their dishwasher and in them.