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Extra Large Butterfly Punch

Extra large Butterfly punches are unrivaled surrogate to make your stampin up look like a masters student, these punches have a large size that will make your stampin up look like it belongs in a layout or card. They also come with punches meaning you can order them and be done with it! These punches are also vegan and have a soft grip making them first-rate for stamping out flowers.

Butterfly Paper Punch Extra Large

Country paper Punch is an outstanding surrogate to add a bit of elegance and country feel to room with its unique top shape and zigzag fabric line, it comes with colorful paper clips and card-sized pieces that make it effortless to create a custom card. Plus, the extra large size will let you create all sorts of orville wright-inspired delights, the martha stewart paper Punch is a must-have for who wants a large Punch that can handle a lot of paper. This Punch is sensational for use in drawing, writing, or arc work, our extra large Butterfly Punch is an enticing size for making small cuts in paper. The Punch features a removable hard plastic handle and a sharp blade, it can be used to make cuts up to 1. 5" wide and 2" deep, this extra large Butterfly Punch is a splendid alternative to add a little bit of color and personality to your cards. It's a seamed Punch that is ferry large and grants a high quality paper stock, the Punch can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and there is a gold-colored usa floral round deco square on the front of the punch. This is a quality Punch that you'll be pleased to see.