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Extra Large Beer Mug

Extra large Beer Mug from corona, perfect for or drinking, this Mug is a top surrogate for any occasion.

Extra Large Glass Beer Mugs

The extra large glass Beer Mug is valuable for holding your Beer or coffee Mug with carefree construction, the double bone handle is produced in usa and allows for facile handling. The Mug is again made to-go and is available in black, this is a splendid Beer Mug for lovers who desire bud light beer! The Mug is produced from heavy-walled glass and gives 8 tall, 8 oz. Of red, green, and blue Beer liquid, the design is a photo of the 'alaskan Beer mug' itself, which is a splendid gift idea for someone interested in this Beer Mug is large enough to hold an 8 oz. Of bud light beer, and the 8 tall 8 oz. Of blue Beer liquid is just right for this design, the design is manufactured of heavy-walled glass, and the Mug is fabricated of durable, non-toxic, bud light Beer grade plastic. This Mug is an exceptional gift for an admirer who loves bud light beer, or for any bud light fan! This extra large Beer Mug is first-rate for displaying your Beer knowledge, the handsome Mug is manufactured of heavy-duty glass and features an excellent size for large cups. It is further dishwasher and oven resistant, this extra large Beer Mug is a top-rated surrogate to show your Beer love. The heavy-duty metal design means that this Mug will last long on your mantle or fridge, and its clear glass design makes it an unrivaled alternative for hiding your Beer steins under a pillow.